Piyashiri Ski Resort NAYORO


Mr. Tomonori Sakaguchi (44) runs a restaurant called “Log Panorama” at the second slope of the Piyashiri Ski Resort, contributing to the revitalization of the ski resort. Starting this winter, he has also begun operating a lodging facility called “Nayoro Base” (South Odori 8), which accommodates out-of-town skiers, snowboarders, and other travelers, further contributing to Nayoro’s tourism.

Mr. Sakaguchi is originally from Sapporo City and, after graduating from a high school in the city, worked as a lifeguard at a beach in Otaru City during summers and as a patrol officer at ski resorts like Tomamu during winters.

Currently in Hamamasu Ward, Ishikari City, he manages beach operations and safety management (contracted by the city) during the summers of July and August, and runs a guesthouse from late April to the end of October. Since the winter season of 2020, he has been operating the restaurant “Log Panorama” at the Piyashiri Ski Resort and started the lodging business at “Nayoro Base” this winter, expanding his business operations to Ishikari City during the summer and Nayoro City during the winter.

Mr. Sakaguchi is also passionate about winter sports and was aware of Nayoro’s status as having the best snow quality and the Piyashiri Ski Resort. When he visited the ski resort, he noticed the unused “Log Panorama” located on the north side of the second slope and proposed its utilization to the Nayoro Promotion Public Corporation, which manages the ski resort. Thus, the restaurant started operating under the name “Log Panorama” from the 2020 season.

The menu includes beverages such as coffee, cocoa, lemonade (each ¥400), draft beer (¥700), hot wine (¥600), and water (¥200). The highlight of the food menu is the spicy curry, made with Mr. Sakaguchi’s own blend of spices and ingredients, emphasizing the flavors of the vegetables and meat. The curry, which condenses the aroma of spices and the umami of the ingredients, is completely devoid of spiciness, making it easy even for children to eat, and the level of spiciness can be adjusted with chili pepper. It is priced at ¥1,200, and the small size is ¥900.

The business operates from the opening to the closing of the ski resort (basically every day) from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM (last order is until 3:30 PM). Mr. Sakaguchi mentions that not only locals but also foreign skiers and snowboarders visiting for tourism have increased, and a corner has been set up inside the store where warm drinks and sweets are available free of charge for children 15 and under, hoping to create enjoyable memories for children related to skiing and snowboarding.

Additionally, starting this winter, he has also begun operating the lodging facility “Nayoro Base.” It is a single rental unit (4LDK) limited to one group per day (maximum capacity of 7 people), with a price of ¥25,000 for self-catering accommodation per night (slightly different prices may apply depending on the internet site).

In addition to the lodging business that contributes to the promotion of skiing and snowboarding tourism in Nayoro, both domestically and internationally, he provides an original restaurant map for lodging guests and contributes to the revitalization of the local economy.

Regarding the operation of “Log Panorama” and “Nayoro Base,” Mr. Sakaguchi expresses his outlook, saying, “We strive to provide high-quality service in all aspects, and I want to make the maximum effort I can. Also, considering the decreasing population of skiers and snowboarders, I want to make efforts to create an environment where everyone visiting Nayoro can enjoy themselves and contribute to the revitalization of Nayoro.”

For further enhancement of the business, he shows enthusiasm, saying, “I currently operate Log Panorama only during the day, but I want to make it possible for night rentals and accommodations, providing services where guests can enjoy stargazing at night and skiing on powder snow the next morning.”